Team One Tactical
Immersive tactical gameplay with casual attendance


Team One Tactical is an open community centered around Arma 3. We are a friendly & casual community centered around teamwork. We seek to provide a positive and drama-free atmosphere. We primarily focus on the European time-zone, but we do have some international members. Everyone over the age of sixteen is welcome to play with us. When we are not at Arma sessions you will find us playing a vast range of games on our teamspeak or developing content for Arma. All our members are equal; We all have a say and vote in our group's future.


Our arma sessions focus on providing an immersive yet intense teamwork-focused experience. This involves a single-life first person expierence with a variety of mods. Our sessions typically consist of 3-6 missions each lasting anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Everyone is given the opportunity to take any available role for a mission, with important roles such as Commander, Squad Leads and Asset Leaders being slotted first. You could be the platoon commander in one mission and a vehicle gunner in another. All our missions are made in-house with our fabulous team of ~10 mission makers. We play both adversarial and cooperative gamemodes, with a preference on cooperative. At present our primary sessions typically have 25-40 players attending.

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How to play with us

To play at our sessions all you need is Teamspeak 3, Arma 3 and our modpack. You just connect to our teamspeak server (linked at bottom of the page). Our modpack can be downloaded using the Swifty arma modpack updater tool. To see the guide to install and setup Swifty click below