Team One Tactical

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Weekly open ARMA3 sessions with immersive tactical teamplay


Our arma sessions focus on providing an immersive yet intense teamwork-focused experience. Our sessions typically consist of 3-6 single-life missions each lasting anything from 30 to 90 minutes. Everyone is given the opportunity to take any available role for a mission, with important roles such as Commander, Squad Leads and Asset Leaders being slotted first. You could be the platoon commander in one mission and a vehicle gunner in another. All our missions are made in-house with from a wide variety of mission makers. We play both adversarial and cooperative gamemodes, with a preference on cooperative. At present our main sessions typically have 20-40 players attending depending on the week.

All we expect are teamplayers who are at least sixteen and have a microphone to play with us.
So long as you meet these requirements you can just show up and play.

Session Times

We offer one main session every week, with the session alternating between Friday and Saturday. The server is usually up 30 minutes prior to session start for the 'pre-session'. This is a sandbox testing mission offering the chance to ensure the mods are working.

Week 1: Saturday - 19:30 UK (20:30 DE/DK/SE/NL etc.)

Week 2: Friday - 19:30 UK (20:30 DE/DK/SE/NL etc.)

How to play with us

To play at our sessions all you need is Teamspeak 3, Arma 3 and our modpack. Our modpack can be downloaded using the Swifty arma modpack updater tool. For details on each see below


Discord is our communication hub. It's the best place to find out what's going on. We announce everything there from modpack updates to special events. We also discuss sessions, sharing screenshots and videos and troubleshoot people having problems.

The Community

Would you like to know more?

Team One Tactical is an ArmA 3 community founded in 2013. We're friendly, casual and focus on teamwork. We do our best to provide a positive and drama-free atmosphere. Our focus is primarily on the European time-zone, but we do have some members from further afield. When we're not at ArmA sessions you will find us playing games on our teamspeak, working on content for ArmA, or just hanging out on Discord.

Our Values

  • Community - We are a group of like minded players, who enjoy playing games together. We want all our members to get on with each other to be part of our group. We make decisions together; All members can have a say and contribute their opinions as we like making decisions regarding our future together.
  • Maturity - We expect a degree of maturity to ensure that there is a level of respect and cooperation between all players. We all desire an environment that fosters and inspires teamwork.
  • Long term - We are continually focusing on developing our group and improving the sessions and gameplay experiences. We do our best to offer to opportunities to teach new skills, so that they can help us out in the future.
  • Fun - It is always important to not forget why we are all here in the first place, we are but a community of volunteers here to enjoy ourselves.


Membership is available for those who share our goals and values and want a greater part in things. Members get a say behind the scenes, and have the ability to participate in a few closed events as well as represent the community in joint operations. We don't have strict attendence requirements but require at least some commitment with attending at least one session every six months. We realise a community is defined by its members and so we are careful with who we let join.

We are looking for members who enjoy the sessions and help improve them for everyone else. To join you first need to apply and then pass a trial period getting a majority of members to vote for you to join.

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