Medical Pages

These pages contain information about ACE Advanced Medical as implemented at Team One Tactical.

Outside Links

Medical-related links that may be of interest to those looking for further reading on the subject.

  • Squad Medic - TTP3 Section on Squad Medics
  • Platoon Medic - TTP3 Section on Platoon Medics
  • Company Medic - TTP3 Section on Company Medics, if you ever find yourself in this very strange and unfortunate position


  • Snippers - Having this wiki, setting up my wiki account, answering questions.
  • Head - The deep code dive many months back when we adopted the medical rewrite. He uncovered many truths.
  • You - I can dig the lake, fill the lake, drag you to the lake, force-feed you the water. But if you won't embrace learning of your own free will, it's all for nothing. Thanks for taking the time to learn and improve! Pass it forward and help others learn something you're passionate about. It's important.

Feel free to discuss any of the pages, ask questions, correct grammar or typos, compliment me, or berate me on the Discord!

- Hinds

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