There have been a few conversations with various people and trainers over time and they've raised important questions. I've tried to summarise the outcomes of these conversations below:

  • Remind trainees that during sessions they'll be dealing with people of mixed training and seriousness. They'll need to bear in mind that these people will react in unpredictable ways and make bad choices and that that's okay. 1Tac is not a milsim community. We can not and will not ever have mandatory training and as such we'll always have uneven skill levels and levels of commitment. There's nothing wrong with passing on training “in the field” and evangelising it's benefits but there's no place for snobbery or discrimination based on who goes to training and who doesn't.
  • We're training people to play Arma better. Real life techniques that don't affect Arma's simulation have no place in the training sessions. We're not doing this for roleplay or immersion.
  • While people are always welcome to critique and evaluate the training the training sessions are not the place for it. If someone has an issue with what is being taught do not let it devolve into an argument mid-training. Politely but firmly tell the person with the problem that they should address their concerns with one of the trainers after the session is complete.
  • If people are disruptive they get one polite warning to behave themselves. If they continue to be an issue eject them from the training and tell Feanix who will take it from there.
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