Is a module to handle firing artillery onto one or more areas.

The artillery module can be found in the Teamwork category inside the module list (F5).

Once placed you can double click the module itself to access the settings.


Time between shots(salvo)

Number of seconds before firing another salvo

Total salvos

Number of salvos to execute

Rounds per salvo

How many rounds each artillery unit will fire.


The type of magazine (rounds) to fire.

If the string itself doesn't correspond to a magazine held by the artillery unit it will fire whatever it has loaded. You can enter a vehicle and execute

copyToClipboard str (magazines vehicle player)

in the debug console to copy a list of the available magazines to your clipboard.


A minimal setup consists of 1x TMF area module and 1x TMF Artillery module and a artillery vehicle.

The area module needs to be synced to the artillery

If module is linked to multiple vehicles and multiple TMF areas, the units will pick one of the areas to fire at each salvo.

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