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Supply Crates

Supply crates are in the framework by default; they are placed next to every squad leader. The crate object type (and thus appearance) does not matter, and can be picked freely. The existing crates can also be sling-loaded by helicopter pilots.

The crate contents are controlled by the assign gear scripts. Each crate will have a line of code in it's init box, more or less identical to this:

["crate_med",this,"blu_f"] call f_fnc_assignGear

The first parameter (“crate_med”) passes the desired gear configuration to the script, the second (this) references the crate object for the script and the third (“blu_f”) tells the gear script which factions gear should be added to the box. In this case, the crate receives a “crate_med” loadout from the “blu_f” (NATO) faction.

The actual contents to be added is adjusted in the gear script file of the respective faction, e.g. f_assignGear_nato.sqf (CTRL+F crate_med).

Image 1: Example crate from the framework template

Image 2: The crate's init code

Image 3: Changing crate object type

Removing Vehicle Magazines

Let's say you want to use a BMP-2 in a mission, but you think its ATGM might be too much.

  1. Enter the vehicle, select the missile and remember it's name.
  2. In the developer console, run the following code:
    copyToClipboard str (vehicle player magazinesTurret [0])
  3. In your clipboard, you should now have a list of the magazines in the vehicle's primary turret in a format similar to
    ["aa", "bb", "cc", "dd", and so on]
  4. Paste it in notepad and see if you can identify which classname (e.g. “bb”) corresponds to the missile. Don't be afraid to google part of the classname that looks like a military designation - you're not looking for details on it, you just want to know that it's a missile and not e.g. a tank shell or smoke canister.
  5. When you have identified the correct classname, replace “classname” in the following code and paste it inside the vehicle's init field in the editor:
    if (isServer) then {this removeMagazinesTurret ["classname", [0]];};

Example code:

if (isServer) then {this removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_9m113_4", [0]];};

Nerfing Russian RHS tanks

It's possible to swap the ammunition in a tank to much older variants, thus decreasing it's lethality.

  1. Follow the steps in the above guide on how to remove vehicle magazines
  2. Have a look at the list of ammunition types on this Wikipedia article. You're probably looking for older ammunition, e.g. the 3BM12 for APFSDS-T and 3BK12 for HEAT-FS.
  3. Try and find the corresponding magazine classname in the RHS class browser. Some ammunition variants might be missing on either site, but most should be covered. The number at the end of the classname tells you how many rounds the “magazine” contains.
  4. When you have identified the correct classname, replace “classname” in the following code and paste it inside the vehicle's init field in the editor:
    if (isServer) then {this addMagazineTurret ["classname", [0]];};
  5. If you want more magazines to be added, you should repeat the code inside the '…' segment:
    if (isServer) then {...};

Example code #1:

if (isServer) then {this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm22_10", [0]];};

Example code #2:

if (isServer) then {this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm22_10", [0]]; this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm22_10", [0]]; this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bk18_8", [0]];};
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