Is a module to easily enabled several players to teleport into a mission area via scroll wheel action.

The action itself allows the user to pick a spot to teleport on via the map.

The teleport module can be found in the Teamwork category inside the module list (F5).

Once placed you can double click the module itself to access the settings.

Apply To

Choose who gets access to the teleport action.

All units

Every unit on the map.

Synchronized units only

Every unit that has been synced to the module.

Groups of synchronized units

Every units group members that synced to the module.

Every unit on the units side

Every unit on the synced units side.

Time limit

The time before the teleport action will disappear in seconds.


At what Altitude to place the units at. Only used with Parachute option.


Gives the units teleported a parachute that will open at 200 meters.

Group Teleport

If enabled, the leader of the group only gets the option to teleport and will teleport all its members to the location. If disabled, every unit get their own teleport action and can teleport only them self.

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